About Bethel Roofing & Restoration

With more than 20 years of roofing and restoration experience, the team with Bethel Roofing & Restoration provides top-quality workmanship on every job, ensuring your restoration project is done right the first time. Our family-owned-and-operated company is ready to serve you when you need us after your building has been affected by a fire or a flood.

To help you when you need us most, one of our professional staff members always answers our phones, seven days a week. We provide emergency tarp services, board up services, water extraction and dry out services.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Considering the roofing system for most properties play a substantial role in how the property is received, how the tenants of the property are protected, as well as how long the property's overall longevity is maintained, it largely goes without saying that recruiting an experienced roofing contractor to affect repairs, replacements, (re)roofing services, or maintenance is always recommended. In light of that, our company, Bethel Roofing & Restoration, offers a wealth of roofing services for local properties; including roofing repairs, roofing maintenance, (re)roofing coverage, storm damage corrections, and roofing installation services.

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