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Bethel Roofing & Restoration is the leading provider of storm damage restoration near Allen, Texas. Our family-owned and operated roofing company loves providing roofing restoration in Allen, Texas. We also specialize in Allen siding repairs, gutter repair in Allen, Texas reroofing in Allen Texas roofing repairs in Allen, new roofing installations in Allen, and roofing insurance claims in Allen, Texas. So if you live near Allen, Texas, and are seeing an affordable roofing company near Allen, Texas, then you’ve come to the right place. We built our company by giving 110% effort in every roofing or storm damage repair call we’ve gotten. Because we know the good folks in Allen, Texas, will spread the good word of our reputation if we deliver stellar services at a price that matches. Our competitive roofing prices in Allen come without ever sacrificing quality or execution. So take advantage of our experience roofing in Allen, and call Bethel Roofing & Restoration.

Services include:

✓ Storm Damage Roofing and Siding Repair near Allen, Texas
✓ Storm Damage Insurance Claims near Allen, Texas
✓ New Roof Installations near Allen, Texas
✓ Roofing Maintenance near Allen, Texas
✓ Roof Replacements near Allen, Texas
✓ Roofing Inspections near Allen, Texas
✓ Roofing Upgrades near Allen, Texas
✓ Roofing Repairs near Allen, Texas
✓ (Re)Roofing near Allen, Texas

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Storm Damage Roofing Repairs in Allen, TX

When it comes to unforeseen elements and storm damage, Bethel Roofing & Restoration is your leading provider and trusted supplier of inimitable and reliable roofing repair services in Allen, Texas. We’ve repaired and restored the roofs of countless properties in Allen, Texas, and have become the communities go-to storm damage roofing repair service provider. Some of the services that we offer include fire damage services, storm damage services, flood damage services, water damage services, dry rot damage services, organic damage services, and more! We take pride in commitment and dedication to our customers, and guarantee that we’ll be here for all of your roofing service needs!

New Roofing Installations in Allen, TX

Bethel Roofing & Restoration provides unsurpassable new roofing installation services in Allen, Texas. For decades we’ve installed countless roofs on properties and offer our customers nothing but the best in Allen, Texas! Some of the new roofing installation services that we offer include but are not limited to shingle roof installation services, asphalt roof installation services, concrete tile roof installation services, wood shake roof installation services, and more. Our professionals are timely, efficient, reliable and perform every installation service with the utmost professionalism.

Roofing Repair Services in Allen, TX

At Bethel Roofing & Restoration, we offer quality roofing repair services in Allen, Texas, without ever sacrificing affordability. We’ve been providing the community of Allen, Texas with substantial roofing repair services for decades. Some of the roofing repair services that we offer include eaves repair services, saddle repair services, ridge repair services, decking repair services, soffit repair services, flashing repair services, ventilation repair services, truss repair services, fascia repair services, gutter repair services, and more! Whatever the repair may be, our specialists will be there to help!



Window & Door Replacement in Allen, Texas

Owning high-quality windows and doors in your Allen, Texas home or commercial property is crucial for insulation interior temperature as well as maintaining a good level of security. Bethel Roofing & Restoration is your number one company for professional window and door replacement services in Allen, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Our skilled team of experts will efficiently replace broken or old windows and doors for a competitive price. Keep your Allen, Texas property safe with the security the high-quality windows provide. Bethel Roofing & Restoration works with your best interest in mind and wants to make sure that your windows and doors are properly replaced and fit snug into your Allen, Texas household or business. Hiring a professional to replace windows and doors is incredibly beneficial so you can expect a perfectly level window or door that operates smoothly. Attempting to replace a window or door on your own can be difficult especially if the measurements aren’t precisely the same. Give the friendly support staff at Bethel Roofing & Restoration a call today to learn more about our professional window and door replacement services offered in Allen, Texas, and its surrounding cities. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service!

Window & Door Installation in Allen, Texas

Let the professionals at Bethel Roofing & Restoration handle the installation of new windows and doors in your Allen, Texas commercial or residential property. Our team of experts will efficiently and properly install your windows and doors so they are perfectly level and fit snug. Installing windows and doors on your own can be incredibly difficult especially if they are heavier than usual. The proper alignment of a door is imperative for its long-term function. Bethel Roofing & Restoration specializes in installing windows and doors on new developing properties as well as current ones looking for a new view or better egress and ingress. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to providing high-quality performance and customer service on every project. Bethel Roofing & Restoration aims to be Allen, Texas’ number one company for not only roofing and restoration but also installing windows and doors. Let’s work together to increase the security of your property as well as your quality of living through the implementation of new, professionally installed, high-quality windows and doors. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call today to learn more about our professional services and our serviceable areas in and around Allen, Texas!

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